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Redefining urban living

Living close together let us freely exchange ideas and helped us evolve as a society. With the introduction of the automobile, we started building our homes in the suburbs, leaving city life behind. Now, with rising fuel costs, longer commutes and resulting damage to the environment, modern city living is making a comeback.

At TRIA, we believe in bringing people back to the city (or giving them reasons to stay in the first place). We’re giving young people space to raise their families, and giving seniors a comfortable place to live in the neighbourhoods of their youth. We’re helping make cities more vibrant, more livable.

Established environments and modern living are not mutually exclusive concepts. We love building in the city and reinventing old neighbourhoods with new ideas. We strive to bring together the best of today and yesterday through good design, planning and architecture – elements that help enhance the overall living experience. As a result, we’re creating some pretty fascinating living spaces. There are easier ways to build, but they’re just not as rewarding.

This is our commitment to the future.

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